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We believe the way everyone talks and writes inside your organisation has a profound effect on your success as a business. Your shared language is so obvious and all around you it gets ignored. It’s so familiar, it becomes invisible.

But habitual language is powerful – it shapes everyone's reasoning and it makes it hard to change the way you all think and act. Often this language, and the thinking attached to it, is deeply rooted in the past, in your organisation’s history and past success. While some of today’s habits will still be useful to you, some will have outlived their usefulness.

We believe that looking forensically at your language gives you access to your culture. And uncovering your unspoken culture, allowing people to speak openly about it, is the first step to changing or strengthening it. It’s also a foundation for building solid strategy – corporate, brand, or customer.

We believe in data and analysis – we’re technically skilled and great at applying deep analysis to real problems. We’re not gurus or magicians; you’ll be able to see exactly where our conclusions come from.

We believe in grounded, technical and rigorous research – but also in practical, accessible, energising outcomes.