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PLAN YOUR NEXT STRATEGIC MOVE...take a radical look at what's around you

Let's assume you're planning a radical change - or maybe just a development - in corporate, brand, customer, or communications strategy. Landscape mapping - surveying the discourse of your sector or market environment - helps you both think about opportunities and reframe your options. The 'discourse' is the public environment of ideas, language and assumptions 'out there', within which your brand and your communications operate.

We ask questions like: How are other people talking about the things that matter to you? What's the subtext of the big conversation that's going on in your sector, or the wider world? What's fading and what's emerging? Where are the opportunities and traps? How do your brand and your comms look in this context right now? How do you stack up against your competitors?

We can use discourse and language analysis to take a fresh look at the cultural and competitive environment in which you operate and help you learn from that to plan your next strategic move.

You can engage us to do a landscape map without looking at your own internal culture first - though it's far more powerful if you do.

“What I didn't know before we engaged Linguistic Landscapes was how on earth we went from where we were to where we wanted to be. I'm a convert. No - more than that - I'm a passionate advocate! This type of approach to analysing the language we use to really get under the skin of an organisation, and how it really works and thinks, is invaluable... I know that there is no way I could have had such an impact without this work.”

Caroline Fawcett,
Customer Experience First (formerly Customer Experience Director at Legal & General and at Rural Payments Agency)