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KICKSTART A CULTURE CHANGE…or keep it going when it’s getting tough

Say you're responsible for a change initiative, or managing a culture merge. Or perhaps you're a new CEO or COO. Either way, you recognise that your culture is going to matter if you’re to get done what you need to do. Before you start, let us do a culture audit so you know what you’re dealing with. What are the silent assets within your hidden culture? And where are the black holes and bear traps? We can do a culture audit quickly and with minimal intrusion into business-as-usual.

Or, if a change is already under way - and especially if it’s getting tough – we could talk about unsticking your culture. What’s keeping the old stuff in place and holding up change? How can people be helped or even inspired to release what’s holding it back?

We uncover your culture by sampling your everyday internal language and analysing it in a disciplined and systematic way. When we show you what we found, you’ll be able to see exactly how we got there. And we’ll help you work out what you could do next.

Read more here about how we helped one UK organisation transform its culture and identity so it could deliver its mission – to save lives – more effectively.

“It was incredibly energising for the organisation. It was lovely to see people go ‘Oh, yeah!’ in a totally non-defensive way: ‘Oh, we are like that, aren’t we!’ It’s how the Americans describe insight – ‘hidden in plain view’. It felt like there was a load coming off people’s shoulders as they realised ‘Well, we can actually be a bit flexible, and we can do this, you know, not just that’. It was palpable in the room.

Seamus O’Farrell,
Director of Communications,
The Prostate Cancer Charity